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We provide a way for people who are grieving from a loss (a loved one, marriage, job) to heal and be restored. To find their passion and purpose for life again. By designing a “New Normal” ~ Your joyous dream life.

We believe that tragedies occur in life, for us to learn, grow and become the person we’ve always dreamt to be. We love assisting people who are lost and grieving to see things differently. To open their eyes to a whole new perspective, allowing any tragedy to be the catalyst for their new life design.

We love working with people who are looking for a way forward, a way to live, love and appreciate their life, more than ever before. And we celebrate seeing our clients have better lives because of us, whether that means more connection (with themselves, others and beyond), more health, more insights, more prosperity, or more time.

We challenge our team to excel in their life, to live our philosophies, whilst offering outstanding empathetic levels of service. We also believe in changing lives: the lives of our clients, of their friends and families, and—through our charitable Give Back to Teens Project—of young people right around the world.

In terms of ‘how’ we do what we do, we understand there are 3 key challenges you’ll experience as you move beyond your loss and grief:
1. Why Did this Happen to Me? Being focussed on seeing the injustice of the situation can keep you spiralling down. Creating more problems for you – health, wealth and relationship wise.
2. Who Am I Now? You’ve lost a very important part of your life. It will impact your sense of identity—how you define who you are.
3. What Now? Knowing what to do next can be very scary, especially as your grief may narrow your perspective of all the ideal options available to you, now.

Everything we do is intuitively and strategically focused on maximising your design. We ask the right questions, at the right times, to offer innovative strategies for your life design. We delve into all nine areas of life under the Live Love Pillars; All About You. All About Your Relationships. All About Your Expertise. All About Your Wealth-Creation. So, whether you’re looking for assistance with one pillar, a few or all four, you’ll find us right there with you.

Spend some time browsing through the pages, our programs, Our TV Show, Blog and the many free resources (including a pdf download of the Live Love By Design book), that will assist you to understand in detail these four pillars.

Reach out if you’d like to have a chat with Karen about how she can assist you, your family and work colleagues to easily Design Your Live Love Dream Life.

For a limited time Karen is conducting complimentary session for anyone who would love to discover how to unwrap their GIFT of Loss.
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